“Kimra Luna is a star. In her first year of business, she generated close to a million dollars in revenue and created a community of raving fans. And that’s because she over-delivers with massively valuable content and shows her audience how much she cares. With her blue hair, punk rock style, and heart of gold, Kimra is quickly becoming one of the most inspirational female entrepreneurs of our time.”


-Selena Soo,

"Kimra is a shining example of what's possible when you step into being an Entrepreneur who is out to change the World.  The IMPACT, the community and the change she has been able to create in such a short amount of time is nothing short of miraculous. Kimra proves that "anything is possible when you put your mind to it," and I think everyone sees that."


-James Wedmore

"Watch out world! Kimra Luna has arrived, and she's inspiring thousands to be true to themselves, like she has. It was a pleasure having Kimra speak at Off The Charts Live, the audience loved every minute, and left feeling more inspired and ready to take action. Rock on."


-Nathalie Lussier, Founder at

"Kimra's passion, desire and unwavering attitude towards helping others is something that a lot of online entrepreneurs can learn from. Plus, she's just darn fun to be around - in any capacity!"


-Chris Ducker

"Kimra's Be True, Brand You program helped me to revitalize my brand, increase my lead generation by 40% and push my high six-figure business into 7-figures and growing every day!"


-Casey Zeman founder of EasyWebinar

I would abso-freakin-lutely recommend BTBY to anyone and everyone that is serious about getting their biz up and running.  Weather you need to learn how to make a great website, run a profitable webinar, or get the PERFECT brand image - the training is in this course.  I have SAVED money because I don't have to buy a million courses to learn the little ins and outs of online business!


This program works if you do the work.  I'm an average 22 year old, vegan dude with two little dogs and the heart of a hustler - that's it.  Kimra can see the diamonds in the rough, and she gives her students the motivation and the support they need to stop struggling and start living.  If I hadn't met Kimra and been a part of BTBY my business and my life would be much different.  I wake up every day ready to take on the day, excited for the future, because I decided to go for it - and you should to.


-Zach Spuckler - Heart, Soul & Hustle

"I love the quality and the content of the information - this is like a masters degree to every seminar I have ever been to (and I have been to ALOT of conferences and seminars.) I really like the way you moderate the group Kimra, your mindful guidance and format makes this group have such a caring yet very rich level of sharing and information that it is one of the only groups I belong to that I truly open everything that comes through. AWESOME!"


-Lydia Lewis-Clarke, FREEDOM HACKER

"The generousity, support, compassion and inspiration in this group is unparalleled! I've been recommending Freedomhackers to other newbie coaches and entrepreneurs and raving about the engagement. And the straight-talking, no BS approach that Kimra has for sharing with wisdom. My fav online biz community by far!"


-Caitlin Padgett, FREEDOM HACKER