personal brand creation that is designed for influence  begins now

Deep down you want something more than a business
You want to create liberation for your community
You want to provide an amazing life for your family
You want to facilitate transformation in the lives of others 
You desire to build community around your mission

Values To The Front

you don't have to sacrifice your values to make great money and build generational wealth for your family

Over the past 7 years as an online business launch strategist, one major mistake I see is that people don't master the basics of their business. Even people who have had an online business for years often have not mastered the basics

build a business brick-by-brick on top of a solid foundation…
that's what we do in the galaxy
And we do this with 3 core pillars... I'll get to those in a bit

They completely skip the market research step of their business...
They develop a sales funnel before they have a proof of concept for their program… 
They put together their signature program before they have a methodology that creates transformation for their clients…
They create content day after day for social media but don’t have a strong message and purpose with that content… 
They build a website before they even know how they serve people or who they even serve…

* who want to change their industry, bring something fresh to their niche, and transform the lives of their clients and customers
* who aren’t afraid to create turbulence and shake things up in their niche
* who want their values to be the core focus of their business
* who are launching something new into the world (program, book, website, blog, podcast, course, etc)
* who Are 1st to 3rd year in online business OR working on moving your service-based business online
* who believe and strive for liberation of ALL people

s m a s h t h e p a t r i a r c h y
f u c k c a p i t a l i s m
l a n d b a c k
r e p a r a t i o n s
f r e e p a l e s t i n e
c l e a n f o o d & w a t e r f o r a l l
h e a l t h c a r e f o r a l l
a c a b
b l a c k l i v e s m a t t e r

the galaxy is for disruptors, misfits, and rebels

30 day money back guarantee
If you show up to the calls, participate and Feel the program isn't for you, I'll give you a refund. you gotta do the work though, aight?

You receive a full 12 months of Weekly group coaching calls to go along with the workshops to support you in implementing what you learn and getting feedback on what you create

If this resonates with you,
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The Galaxy startS
May 1st

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doors close april 29th at 11:59 midnight PST
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the PIllars

Ground Control

Launch Pad

In orbit

business is now growing steady, programs are selling out, now our focus is on residual income and more income streams to keep everything orbiting nicely with team additions too

Brand mission and clarity on your brand messaging to develop programs and a sales processes that works for you and is created with integrity and respect for your clients and customers 

the content that creates community and list growth which enables you to launch your programs and attract your dream clients and customers to your programs and services

Online service based and digital program based businesses Have phases to grow from booking first clients to scaling and Receiving recurring monthly sales

The galaxy is a 9 workshop program with a year of support included
after and during the 9 workshops, you'll have access to weekly calls with Kimra and other coaches to support you in growing your business... plus lots of other business supporting content and workshops through out the year

the program Deets

This program is also CUstomized to the students who enroll.
I'm mindful of my student's needs and will bring in guest experts and provide more training and support when needed

Brand identity and online business models

During this module we’ll work on getting clear on your brand message and mission, and develop a values-focused business model. We’ll also work on market research and empathy mapping. We’ll also get working on our websites (I know it’s a little scary but I gotchu) and I offer website reviews throughout the duration of the program.

Developing your suite of digital products and/or services

That’s right, we hop right into it. We’ll develop your signature methodology to supporting your clients and customers transformations, and create a plan of action for selling your sh*t right away
And yes, you can start selling your digital and service based programs BEFORE you have a website and all that shiny stuff completed. I’ll show you how.

Pitch development and sales funnel creation 

We’ll go through, step by step, crafting your pitch for your program or services, and we’ll put together your sales funnel (or enhance the one you have already created) to attract your dream clients. We’ll also cover holding space for your group and how to execute a program that gives the best results for your clients/students

Content creation for community growth

Impactful content that amplifies your voice, your message, and your ideas will attract the attention of your ideal community. We’ll work being so magnetic with your content that customers will be DMing you asking how to work with you. We’ll also cover how to get more visibility on your social media, no matter what platform you use. 


We’ll cover 2 styles of launching that are my favorites: Challenge Launch Method and Masterclass High-Value Launch
I go into details on how my one-on-one clients have executed these and had 5 and 6 figure launches. We’ll work on creating the best launch plan for you and your community 

 Implementation week!! 

Yes, we take a week to apply all the things we learned. I’ll be offering EXTRA group calls this week to help everyone in getting sh*t done! Also note that The Galaxy includes a YEAR of support after the 9 modules are over, so you can take your time. 
Building a business doesn’t happen overnight.  

Systems and Processes

It isn’t about the tools you are using, it’s about how you use them. We will go through how to create better workflows, for your day, week, month and quarter… and we’ll go into choosing the best softwires/tools/apps that will make your processes and life/business easier to run and manage.

 Upsells, downsells, and extras

In this module we will go over bringing in extra streams of income, including affiliate marketing (which has been the most requested content from me and I’ve yet to deliver, but decided to this time around) and how to create online side hustles


Don’t do it alone. Businesses do require hiring support, especially once you are full of clients and begin the scaling part of your business. I’ll help you figure out what your needs are so that you can hire your first virtual assistant. 


Ethical High-Ticket Sales Workshop with Yasemin 

Yasemin is a high-performance and persuasion coach. in this workshop she's going to show you how to sell high-ticket programs in an ethical non-bro markety way

Bonus #2
Magnetic SEO Workshop with Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

In this workshop you'll learn how to get free traffic to your blog/site by maximizing your SeO with Akilah's strategies

Bonus #3
Quiz Quadrant Workshop with Linda Sidhu
(instant access)

In this workshop you'll learn how to create the hottest email list building strategy - QUIZES
start developing your quiz with Linda's training right away

Jump into these bonuses right away

i have a magical work in a magical way.
i give magical service for magical pay. - Florence Scovel Shinn  

thought you might need a reminder of why we do what we do. Florence wrote those words 100 years ago, and that sh*t resonates deep into my soul. Let's do this, honey!!

but wait, there's more! 🤣🤣
you get instant access to 20 hours of workshops: 

online marketing foundations
core values deep dive
email list building
realistically make $10,000 a month (without sacrificing your values)
create your first digital course
online business models 101
brand mission and creating impact
content creation and planning
discovery calls and sales process
masterclass pitch mastery

Meet Your Mentor, Kimra

yo, I'm kimra luna. I'm a personal brand and online business strategist. I'm also a trauma-informed certified sex coach, pleasure activist, somatic ritualist, lover of love, and business anarchist. 
i believe all business owners can build their business in a way that is unique to them. 

for the past 7 years i've supported over 15,000 students in my business and marketing programs and over 100 private clients to having sold out launches, their way.

my dream is that when you work with me you'll find not only business liberation but personal liberation too.

I look forward to supporting you in the galaxy

* You’ll receive 15 hours of workshop content with worksheets for you to dive into right away and start mastering all the foundational pieces of your business

* You’ll be partnered up with an accountability buddy (if you desire that)

here’s what happens when you enroll in the galaxy today

* you’ll receive an email with a link to join our discord private community forum where you can begin connecting with other members

* in that email you’ll receive a link to an intake form so i can gather information about your business and what you’re needing support with
this program is customized to the members, it’s not just a generic formula program where every member goes through the same exact process, you do what works for you and your business model you’re creating, which is why it’s important you fill out this form

* you’ll get a google calendar invite to our group calls and private upcoming workshops

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doors close april 29th at 11:59 midnight pst
for this live round

Focused Co-WorkING sessions
2 x per month

Group Breathwork
1 x per month 

Accountability buddy up

Vetted Business Resources

Fun Community "sprints", contests and prizes 

Barter and Trades

Book Clubs

Weekly Journal Prompts

Community Support

Mindset work, Healing, Processing and Nervous system regulation 
are crucial to being able to serve at a high capacity and in your potent leadership

We'll work through the vulnerability hangovers from being the authentic business owners that we are...

We'll work on nervous system regulation so you have more capacity to serve...

We'll work on exploring more yourself and work on self-love and self-acceptance...

We'll disrupt the self-sabotage patterns that have been holding you back from growing your business...

We'll work on allowing yourself to be seen, be heard, be bold and be big.... and you'll allow yourself to get paid 💰💰

You'll be witnessed
You'll be honored
The Galaxy is the space for that

“Your opinion of yourself is your most important viewpoint. You are infinitely greater than you think you are.”
– Neville Goddard.

Deep Space - Beyond Belief

30 day money back guarantee
If you show up to the calls, participate and Feel the program isn't for you, I'll give you a refund. you gotta do the work though, aight?


The Galaxy startS
May 1st 2022

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I’m looking for community cultivators wHo have the intentions on Creating liberating transformation for their clients…
if that’s you, then The Galaxy is right for you, Cosmic babe

10% of all proceeds from The Galaxy are used to support non-profit organizations and mutual aids in marginalized communities. 
When you join this also enables me to offer scholarships to people with a big vision but are not financially able to join programs like this.
Thank you!

doors close april 29th at 11:59 midnight pst
for this live round

What business liberation Can look like for you:

giving generously to your community whenever you feel called to

no more trading time (that you can never get back) for money 

working your own hours

spend more time with the people you love and care about

travel and splurge without feeling guilty

waking up to new email notifications that you attracted a new student into your course or program

make a lasting positive influence in the lives of others

living your passions and being an example of this to your loved ones 

running a business that aligns with your values and ethics 

Whatever business liberation looks like to you, let's create it together.
Get the support you need when you join The Galaxy today! 
Enrollment ends Sept 10th 2021

Stay Punk
Keep Rebelling
F*ck The Industry Norms

photo of me on tour in 2006 with orange, the adicts and the misfits
first time visiting NYC
This trip was pivotal and set me up for success in life
i learned that I could create whatever I wanted and that there was nothing stopping me but myself

i miss that bullet belt
love you paul, kim, joe and rose

i dedicate this program to your family, for you believed in me when I didn't believe in myself!
xx Kimra


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